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Small Capacity
Water Treatment Unit

by Budapest Waterworks

We are committed to the cause of providing healthy potable water to as many people as possible globally.


Budapest Waterworks has developed a solution to provide  drinking water for remotely situated settlements without sufficient infrastructure.

Instant Solution for Communities

Are you looking for a solution for your local community that provides good quality water from fresh water sources on the long run?


Eco-friendly Water Treatment

Are you open to eco friendly solutions for your housing estates and do not want to wait until piped water infratsruture development reached your area?


Flexible Parameters
Designed for Your Needs

There is not one solution for all problems, but there is always a solution for your problem. We find the solution for your problem responding to your needs.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Heron Unit was designed to reliably produce healthy drinking water with ease of use.

Get to
Know Us

Meet the team of dedicated professionals behind our mobile water treatment systems.

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