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Small Capacity
Water Treatment Unit

by Budapest Waterworks

A small-sized water treatment unit, capable of providing healthy water from surface waters with ordinary pollutants.


The equipment is designed for 30–40 m3/day capacity. It can be a suitable drinking water supply solution for for small settlements.

Who is it for?

Heron Water Solution is a good choice for small settlements with no piped water infrastructure to supply clear water from fresh water sources.


We are open to partner up with real estate developers to provide housing estates with no piped water supply with good quality water at affordable prices.

Download Datasheet

Heron Datasheet

PDF file, 140 KB

Why Choose Us?

Our machine is a value for money, you can get access to high quality and reliable technology at affordable prices.

Easy operation and maintenance, our plug-and-play systems guarantees that you don’t have to bother with operating the machine, it will work invisibly.

We understand water. Budapest Waterworks is a water supplier with more than 150 years of experience. You can rely on our expertise operating various small and large sized water facilities.

Local presence. Through our local distributor and remote operating systems we provide technical support promptly to guarantee that the machine works smoothly.

We find the right solution for your needs – we will not hasitate to openly tell you whether our machine will meet the requirements or you‘d better choose another technology.

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