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​Budapest Waterworks (Hungary) is among the biggest water utility suppliers in Central Europe. Founded in 1868, we supply more than 2 million people with healthy piped potable water and waste water services. We are ready to share our experience in

  • restructuring operations,

  • implementation of cutting-edge technologies;

  • reorganization and process management, 

  • customer service processes

  • non-revenue water management.


Using our expertise in water treatment, our product portfolio includes mobile water purification systems usable in emergency situations or for longer periods.

Budapest Waterworks ’strategy is dedicated to provide assistance in areas left without healthy drinking water after catastrophes. For theses purposes Budapest Waterworks founded  the Hungarian Water Aid Unit (HWAU) for civil protection and assistance tasks. HWAU have participated in several international humanitarian aid projects with its own water purifiers and volunteers of our company including Srí Lanka, the Philippines and Albania.


The Hungarian Water Aid Unit operated more than 20 different types of water purification, packaging and transporting units and gained a lot of experience in the field of emergency water supply.

2009 – In order to support this activity our experts created a  state of the art modular pallet-sized mobile water purification and packaging unit that is pallet mounted and equipped with sand, ultrafiltation and reverse osmosis filters and UV disinfecting unit.


2014 – Budapest Waterworks developed a pilot technology testing container unit for experimenting with different conventional treatment technologies, to produce drinking water from freshwater sources.

2015 – Along with our humanitarian engagement, our company in cooperation with its partner, Aqua Dotis, developed a special mobile drinking water purification container (CEWPU – Containerized Energy Water Purification Unit) , which is capable to produce drinking water from heavily contaminated fresh-water optimized for refugee camp conditions.

2016 – Budapest Waterworks, in cooperation with its partner, Pureco Ltd, developed a containerized drinking water treatment unit ready to produce potable water from biologically treated wastewater.

2017 – BWW and Aqua Dotis, based on operational experiences developed CEWPU-II mobile drinking water purification container optimized for refugee camp conditions.

2020 – Budapest Waterworks has developed HERON Small Capacity Water Treatment Unit to provide drinking water for small communities situated remotely and without developed infrastructure.


Lehel Tamás

Water technologist,

Heron Project leader

Balázs László

Water technologist

István Lajtos

Mechanical designer

Tamás Rőth 

Electrical designer

István Pfendtner


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